BHPH & Lease-to-Own Dealerships

A New Generation BHPH & Lease-to-Own DMS

A “one size fits all” customer model no longer works for the modern BHPH and Lease-to-Own dealership dedicated to delivering the optimal customer experience. Silo departments unable to share customer information leave clients disappointed. Yesterday’s technology, never designed for today’s heavy demands, is unable to keep pace. A new generation of DMS is needed that adapts to your best practices vs. adopting rigid requirements dictated by limitations of a legacy DMS.

The Advectus DMS BHPH and Lease-to-Own Platform is a new generation, cloud-based DMS that offers a robust suite of fully integrated automotive applications that delivers a 360° view of your clients, helping you provide the customer experience your clients expect.


Your customer’s journey can start anywhere in the dealership, and travels many roads throughout your business. Advectus’ instant access to real-time customer information helps you understand the path your client has traveled, and enables you to map the most effective road to keep your customer satisfied. Immediate access to client payment history, collections, survey results, service history, last and next contact, and client value provides the tools you need to deliver an exceptional customer experience.


Managing Collections is one of the most important activities for BHPH & Lease-to-Own dealerships. The Advectus Collections Dashboard gives you instant access to Past-Due information (who is past due, by how many days, and the results of the last contact), Insurance Status (current, expiring, or expired), GPS Status (engaged/disengaged), along with all the information your Collection Team needs to effectively manage your vehicle receivables portfolio.

Executive Management

Key Performance Indicators are critical for executives to effectively manage their business, and the Advectus Executive Management Dashboard provides real-time information executives need at anytime, from anywhere, on any device. Key Metrics includes Deals, Returns, Bad Debt, and Collections. The Asset Summary provides details on Purchases, Liquidations, and Vehicle Inventory Book Value. The Bank Summary delivers details on Cash, Receivables, Deferred Down, Vehicle Assets, and Payables. The Inventory Summary gives you up-to-date information on your Vehicle Inventory.

Service & Parts

From necessary inconvenience to great experience. The point-of-interaction with a client has been described as the “Moment of Truth”. Nowhere is this saying more appropriate than in the Service Department. Most people view servicing their vehicle as a necessary inconvenience. Making the client’s service experience more efficient and informative improves CSI and loyalty. Advectus provides the tools you need to better service your clients. Fixed Operation Dashboards deliver vital information at the point-of-interaction enabling your team to make the right decision for the client and your business.


Your business processes are your competitive advantage. They reflect your vision and the unique community your business serves. Advectus Sales Solutions’ flexibility adapt to your best-practice processes vs. adopting processes mandated by the DMS. Advectus is the most agile solution in the industry, enabling you to quickly shift sales strategies, add KPI’s, new marketing campaigns, and reports. Flexibility to implement best practice processes, coupled with Advectus’ modern technology and navigation tools that enable access anytime, anywhere, and on any device, delivers the sales tools you need to grow your business.

Risk Analysis & Underwriting

The Advectus Underwriting Dashboard is a user-defined tool that enables BHPH & Lease-to-Own dealerships to establish risk parameters and attach a scoring system to each parameter. This flexible tool helps dealers mitigate risks by scoring a prospect’s ability to make their payments, and suggesting deal changes to lower the transaction’s risk.

Customer Loyalty

More than ever, today’s consumers expect personalized treatment from the companies they do business with, and your BHPH & Lease-to-Own dealership is no exception. Reward points and awards are important to customers, so a well thought-out Customer Loyalty Program can differentiate you from the competition. The Advectus Customer Loyalty Solution delivers a robust, flexible loyalty program that enables you to create a solution that reflects the requirements of your clients.

Financial Management

Advectus’ Financial Management solutions leverage and extend NetSuite’s leading cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Platform enabling retailers to manage individual businesses or their entire enterprise from one, real-time, integrated solution. Advectus improves operational efficiencies allowing you to get more done with your current staffing. With Advectus, all of your workflow processes can be initiated from a dashboard with KPI real-time reporting and functionality to drill down into the details. Better visibility, better efficiency, better decisions…simply a better platform to meet your company’s growth requirements.

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