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Fixed Operations solutions in Service and Parts

Advectus delivers a robust suite of Fixed Operations solutions in Service and Parts to help Importers and Distributors increase efficiency, productivity, and profitability. The Advectus DMS Platform’s flexibility enables you to deploy best-practice processes vs. adopting rigid practices mandated by legacy DMS solutions.

Quick Links enable access to client information and records throughout the Advectus solution. Flexible user set-up allows you to limit access by employee; ensuring associates have the right information to service clients, but only the information you deem appropriate. Quick Links can include: Repair Tasks and Details, Billing Information, Accounting, Relationships, Client Communications, Related Records like Survey Results or Customer Complaints, and Technician Recommendations.

The Job Allocator Dashboard is an example of how Advectus’ modern technology and navigation tools improve shop efficiency and productivity. Advectus employs drag-and-drop functionality that enables your service team to quickly move jobs to the right technician with minimal time and effort. Increasing efficiency can improve CSI, retention, and productivity.

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